About Us

We are luca

The goal of luca is to provide people with secure and effective technologies that they can use to simplify their everyday lives, their work, and their interactions - all while keeping full control over their data and their online existence.

Our team: luca was created, developed, and established in Germany. Behind the luca app stands culture4life GmbH with most of its team based in Berlin.

Meet Our Managers

Patrick Hennig


Philipp Berger


Philipp Eisbacher


Sascha Gartenbach


Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff


Our Origins

The luca Story

luca was created by the vision of supporting the hospitality and entertainment industry to keep social life going even in times of a pandemic. Initiated in summer 2020, luca was founded by neXenio GmbH, the band “Die Fantastischen Vier”, Marcus Trojan and CONTINEO & Franz de Waal.

Picture: Jens Oellermann