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I am luca.

luca helps you manage your social life digitally.
Using the luca app is free.

luca is currently only available in Germany.

Test and Vaccination Certificates

Add Covid Documents

Important documents for your visit to a restaurant, bar or event can be stored directly in the luca app. Currently, this is possible with negative test results from participating test centers, vaccination certificates and proof of recovery.

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luca ID

Proof of Identity

A luca ID can be created fast and easy. Always have a digital proof of your identity with you – right on your phone.

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luca Pay

Easy Payment

We are currently working on a secure solution that will allow you to pay your restaurant bill quickly and easily directly from the luca app.

Contact Tracing

Encrypted Transmission of Contact Data

If a health department uses luca for contact tracing, you can easily and securely keep a record of your visits to restaurants, bars or events with luca by simply checking-in at each location. Only the health department will be able to decrypt the data in case of an infection (and only after the check-in records have been released by the operators of the affected location). The health department then decides whether to send you an alert or to contacts you directly.

Security and Data Protection

Your Data is Private

Data protection and data security are two essential components of the luca system. The base of the secure contact data transmission is our cryptography concept, that exists from the very beginning of luca.

We are convinced that it is important to always be aware of what is happening with your data. That’s why we work closely with many data protection and security experts, are also in close contact with state authorities, and have our system regularly audited by independent institutions.