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La Gondola Due: Surprises under the grapevines

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19 Oct 2022

The first thing to notice when entering the Italian restaurant La Gondola Due in Zehlendorf is its large terrace, inviting guests to enjoy an apéritif under the treetops. The wide and vined room behind it marks the culinary realm of the Xhafolli family. Whoever enters here will be offered Italian cuisine at the highest level. Applying the restaurant’s motto: amore, passione, professione. 


About La Gondola Due

Located right on Mexikoplatz, this Italian restaurant is a magnet for gourmets, offering not only a culinary hideaway but also a feast for the eyes. The attention to detail in the interior design reflects the thoughtful creations of the kitchen. “We touch all the senses,” says owner Gent Xhafolli. He and his team want to present their guests with an all-around experience. 

La Gondola Due – experiencing all the senses

Food & drinks

Together with his colleagues, chef Florian prepares Mediterranean specialties à la minute. Fish and seafood are delivered freshly caught. In addition, Argentine beef and Pata Negra testify to the Xhafollis‘ claim to top quality, as well as Italian coffee, fine wines and champagne. La Gondola Due offers an extensive daily menu, which the service staff presents to each guest at the table. 

Personalised service matters  

“Service,” says Gent Xhafolli, “means for me, that we are always flexible, that we respond to our guests’ wishes, that we are always present and give our best.” To ensure that his service staff spends less time processing payments and more time providing guests with a personalised service, Xhafolli relies on luca Pay. At La Gondola Due, a luca QR code is printed with each receipt. Guests scan the code with their luca app and make the payment independently. 

For guests, luca Pay is very convenient: Take out your cell phone, scan it, and you're done in a jiffy.

Gent XhafolliOwner of La Gondola Due

Smooth processes and culinary experiences that keep surprising the guests: To be able to provide both, the kitchen team trains once a year at a workshop in Italy. Together with a top chef, the team members develop a few new finesses for the guests of La Gondola Due to enjoy. 

What the luca team thinks

La Gondola Due is both refined and positively informal at the same time. The dishes are high-class and the sauces are extraordinary. 

La Gondola Due is a special place for …

… admirer of upscale Mediterranean cuisine. They can look forward to a perfect wine and champagne pairing with their meal. Especially the selection of Piedmontese red wines is high end. 

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