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luca – Embracing Moments.

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04 Nov 2022
At luca, the spotlight is on people and their special moments. 

With the new branding, luca aspires to become even closer to people, focussing on their special moments. We have outgrown our old look and from now on want to convey the ongoing evolution and the new product variety of luca to operators (experience crafters) and users (experience seekers).

luca enables wonderful moments.

With its new brand identity, luca is focusing on these core elements:

1. More time in meaningful moments
luca frees experience crafters and seekers from complicated and inefficient processes that clutter their daily routines. By doing so, we save users valuable time and ensure that meaningful moments last longer and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

2. Clear the stage
luca provides smart tools and technology to let experience crafters and seekers run the show.

3. luca is for everyone
We value every single person. luca wants to approach people and their special moments and stories to put them in the spotlight.

We now emphasize the “u” in our brand name and use it as a strong brand and design element. 


This way, we’re highlighting our fundamental principle:

luca has always been about you, and it always will be. And every “u” is different.