luca ID

Your Proof of Identity in luca

A luca ID can be created fast and easy. You always have a digital proof of your identity with you - right on your phone.

Got questions?

With luca ID you can prove your identity digitally using your luca app. In a first version, it will be possible to create your luca ID and perform a verification via our partner IDnow. We are currently working on a more advanced solution that will allow verification. This will work similar as with the vaccination certificates - luca location operators will be able to verify the authenticity of your luca ID through a tech check.
You start the process by clicking on "Create your luca ID now" in the "My luca" tab. Then, simply follow the steps in the app. luca will request a code (Ident-ID) from our partner IDnow, which you can use to identify yourself. The creation of the code may take a moment. You need the IDnow app to verify your identity with an identification document. You can read more detailed instructions on our blog.
Before creating a luca ID, the system checks if your smartphone meets certain essential security requirements:
  • Have you set up a locking mechanism (i.e. a PIN, for example)?
  • Does your smartphone have the security mechanisms needed for secure storage and use of the luca ID? It is possible that some older smartphones or systems do not have these security mechanisms - unfortunately, they cannot be supported.
  • Are you using the official luca app published by us in the app stores?
IDnow is a German platform for identity verification. IDnow verifies your identity so that a luca ID can be created, which is then securely stored exclusively in your luca app.
Yes! luca does not have access to the clear data from your identity document. The Verifiable Credentials based on your ID document (this is an established open standard for digital proof of identity) are encrypted by IDnow after creation so that they can only be decrypted by the app on your phone only. In the luca system, your credentials exist solely in encrypted form and are stored only until you have successfully downloaded your Verifiable Credentials.
No. Your identity document is verified once by IDnow, a German platform for identity verification. Your luca app then downloads your luca ID, which is encrypted only for you.
The verification currently works with most European passports, driver's licenses, ID cards and residence permits.
No, the luca ID is not a substitute for an official photo document. The luca ID is intended to enable you to prove your identity digitally from the luca app - in some places this is already possible. In many cases, however, you will still need your ID card, driver's license, or other official document to prove your identity.