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We use technology to make your everyday life easier – so you can focus on what really matters: your guests.

luca Pay – Your benefits at a glance

Improve your business performance and create a new guest experience.

✔︎ Payment process within the app – completely without card terminals

✔︎ More tips by preset

✔︎ Reducing the workload through digitization: faster service and happier staff

✔︎ Less walking = more time for your guests

✔︎ Easy to use: simple and quick set-up for your staff

✔︎ Secure digital payment instead of cash

✔︎ Trusted IT: highest security standard & cutting edge technology – made in Europe

luca pays off

luca Pay works with and without a POS system.

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Easy to use

No training needed: The simple and intuitive interface keeps you calm – even when things get busy.

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View all payment transactions on your tablet or smartphone at any time:

Use luca Locations to track your payments transparently and in real time.

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Transaction fees

0.9% + €0.05 (Local + European credit cards, via Apple / Google Pay or in the app)

Payouts to the deposited bank account

Currently free of charge

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That’s how easy it is for your guests to pay with luca

Got questions about luca Pay?

Our goal is to support the hospitality industry with digitalization. With luca, we want to realize an all-round digital customer experience in the long term, so that your employees can concentrate fully on service again - luca Pay is just the beginning. You don't pay a basic fee for it and save money in the process. luca works very simply via the luca app. Detailed information for operators on our services can be found here.
Yes! You don't need to worry about the security of your data and payment information. It is protected and processed in strict accordance with the GDPR. The transactions are handled by Rapyd, an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and its local requirements. Find out more about Rapyd here. For everything concerning data security at luca, please see our privacy policy.
No. Your bank and payment data are not stored in our system, but only processed by Rapyd. Find out more about Rapyd here. Your user account protects your payment data, so only you have access to the data stored by Rapyd.
The restaurant does not see your name or your data on your means of payment. The employees can see in luca Locations, their tool for operators, which table paid which amount and tip at which time. For better accountability, there is a payment code for each transaction (similar to an order number), which is also displayed in your app.
You can use your debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay for the payment. The amount will then be debited from your deposited account according to your usual modalities – as you may know from online shopping, for example.
To pay with luca, you only need to enter data about your means of payment. You enter this data at Rapyd, so that luca has no access to the data. You can find more information about Rapyd here. By the way: Prior to the launch of luca Pay, all user data that had been encrypted and stored in the luca system in connection with contact tracing during the pandemic was completely deleted. They may still be stored locally on the user's smartphone, to which luca has no access whatsoever.