Bye Bye, Card Reader

Hello, luca Pay!

We are launching with 0% fees* and are saying goodbye to the card reader.

Your guests can now pay directly in the luca app while you profit from significantly lower fees – for happier guests and employees!

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Currently only available in Germany.

More Time for Your Guests and Staff

Payment via App to Your Taste

Time for fuss-free payments in restaurants: with luca.
No cash, no additional devices, no setup costs, and no or other obligations.
Benefits for your team: Increased tipping thanks to default settings

Benefits for your guests: Easy payment via app, increased service performance

luca Pay Pays Off

luca Pay Works With or Without POS System

Intuitive Usage

Easy to Manage

No introduction required: the simple and user-friendly interface keeps everyone relaxed – even when things get busy.
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Register your restaurant for luca Pay and benefit from our Early Bird advantages:

✔︎ No setup fees
✔︎ No fixed fees
✔︎ Increased tipping thanks to default settings
✔︎ No other obligations
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Currently only available in Germany.

Our Early Bird Offer:


24 months
can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Monthly Fees

0,00 €

Transaction Fees

0.0% (*all cards)

*No fees for card payments until the end of 2022, afterwards 0,5% + 0,05 € transaction fee (for Google Pay, Apple Pay, all EU credit and debit cards in the app. Additional fees apply for international and corporate credit and debit cards). – Offer applies to all participants of the Early Bird promotion.

Payment to the Deposited Bank Account

2x monthly free of charge; any further payout 0,10 €

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Currently only available in Germany.

Q&A about luca Pay

Our goal is to support the gastronomy industry with digitalization. With luca, an all-round digital customer experience becomes possible, allowing your employees to fully focus on service again - luca Pay is just the beginning. We offer you lower fees than the usual payment providers. In addition, you don't pay a basic fee and you also save costs because you don't have to purchase new devices. luca works simply via the luca app. Detailed information for operators is available here
The gastronomy industry has been profoundly affected by the consequences of the Corona Pandemic. We are able to offer restaurateurs lower fees than the usual payment providers, which means your restaurant can save money. As a guest, you also have many advantages with luca: You can easily pay your restaurant bill in the app without having to wait for the service staff. They can meanwhile focus on serving other guests instead of looking for the card reader - the tip can also be easily given via the app. This way you save waiting time and can leave whenever you like. You only have to enter your data once, it is saved in the app, so that you can focus on the essentials when visiting a restaurant: Good food and nice company.
None, luca remains free of charge for users. You only pay your restaurant bill and a potential tip.
Yes! You don't need to worry about the security of your data and payment information. It is protected and processed in strict accordance with the DSGVO. The transactions are handled by Rapyd, an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and its local requirements. Find out more about Rapyd here. For everything about data security at luca, please see our privacy policy.
No, your bank and payment data is not stored in our system, it is only processed by Rapyd. In addition, the data is stored locally in the app on your smartphone and is therefore not visible to anyone but you - only you have access to the data stored by Rapyd for your payments.
The restaurant sees neither your name nor the data regarding your payment method. In the dashboard for luca Locations, the employees can only see the amount and the tip paid by the table and at what time the transaction was made. For better accountability, each transaction has a payment code (similar to an order number), which is also displayed in your app.
You can use your debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay for the payment, the amount will then be debited from the deposited account according to your usual modalities - as you may know from online shopping, for example.
To pay with luca, only payment-relevant information is required, meaning your name and the preferred form of payment. You enter this data at Rapyd; luca has no access to it. By the way: Prior to the launch of luca Pay, all user data that was stored in encrypted form in the luca system for contact tracking purposes during the pandemic was completely deleted. This data may still be stored locally on the user's smartphone, to which luca has no access whatsoever. This means that you can now use luca without providing your full contact details (address, phone number, etc.), as was necessary during the contact tracing process.