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The Grand, Berlin: The special something of fine dining

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19 Oct 2022

The Grand in Berlin is the first fine dining restaurant to use lucas new payment method. This feature, called an elegant solution” by the location‘s operations manager Matthias Martens, supports The Grand in what this place is all about: providing guests with an ultimate high-end experience. 


About The Grand 

You could almost surpass the restaurant, if you were not actively looking for it. The 1840s building hides in a side street just off Alexanderplatz. Once found, you will have access to an impressive setting: The old schoolhouse still shows its origins, but now hosts a glamorous dining room, a bar, a club and several event rooms. The Grand also holds a quiet terrace in its inner courtyard – right in the heart of Berlin. 

The Grand, Berlin: Fine dining and the charming contrast of old & new

Kitchen, wine cellar and bar 

Chef Tilo Roth offers his guests German-French classics like lobster and rack of lamb, giving each dish a new twist. The staff serves high-end wines, sparkling wines and champagnes to go with them. Giuseppe Mancino creates unique cocktails at the bar, such as the Fassbrause mojito to go with the summer freshness. From apéritif to the last coffee: The entire evening is meant to be a single experience of pleasure and well-being at The Grand. 

Cuba meets Berlin when it comes to the Fassbrause mojito – just as a rougher backdrop meets design elements and haptic luxury at The Grand.

Matthias MartensOperations Manager of The Grand
Individual experience 

It is important to the people behind the scenes of The Grand, that every guest feels individually looked after. Therefore, the service staff is as concerned with professionalism as it is with meeting guests on a personal level. “I don’t want my waitresses and waiters to be penguins,” says Martens, “but themselves.” 

To pay with luca, guests scan a QR code from the staff’s smartphone and complete the payment digitally, without needing a card reader. This saves time, runs completely contactless and is still personal due to the proximity. 

What the luca team thinks 

We particularly like the charm of the dining room. This special something making Berlin so unique is once again shown here from its powerful side. The food tastes good and the wine list is impressive. 

The Grand is a special place for … 

… discerning gourmets who like to spend their evening in a high-end atmosphere. 

If you are interested in using luca Pay in your location, you can find more information here.