The central artifact that enables the Health Department to contact Traced Guests. It is created with each check-in process and encodes the information that a Guest is located at a specific location at a specific time. However, the information which Guest the Check-In belongs to (specifically, their Contact Data) is only made available to the Health Department during Tracing the Check-In History of an Infected Guest and is never available to any other actor in the system.

Each Check-In contains the following information:

Check-In History

A collection of multiple Check-Ins that all belong to the same Guest. This asset is only made availabe to the Health Department when an Infected Guest decides to share it with the Health Department to aid in Tracing the Check-In History of an Infected Guest. It allows the Health Department to reconstruct all venues the Guest has visited during the epidemiologically relevant timespan.

Contact Data

The personal contact data that is entered by the Guest into the Guest App upon registration. It contains the following information1:

  • first and last name

  • full address (street, street number, city, postal code)

  • phone number

  • email address

Health Department Information

The meta data collected by the Luca Server about a Health Department during Health Department Registration. The following information is stored:

  • name of the Health Department

  • for each configured employee:

    • first and last name

    • email address

    • phone number (if provided)

Venue Information

The meta data about a venue. The following information is stored:

  • name of the venue

  • name, email address and phone number contact person for this venue

  • full address of the venue

  • geo-coordinates of the venue

  • configured Check-In radius

  • configured number of tables

Scanner Information

The meta data of a QR code scanner tied to a venue. Venue Owners can create any number of unique scanners for their venue. The Luca Server maintains the following information for each scanner:


luca is required to collect this information in order to comply with the German Infektionsschutzgesetz law and all federal states’ implementations of the law.